At Chrysalis Day Support we pride ourselves in offering a diverse range of activities for our guests to enjoy. We use the “Butterfly Approach” which is a well established care method and is proven to have real beneficial results for individuals with memory loss problems. The ‘Butterfly Approach’ involves providing a variety of things to do - our guests are then encouraged to choose their own preferred activities which they are then welcome to ‘dip’ in and out of. This approach ensures guests are active and stimulated and enjoying the company of the other guests in a relaxed, encouraging and supportive environment.

Our activities include:


  • Table Games:

    • Cards, Dominoes, Bingo, Quizzes, Board Games, Memory Games, Jigsaws

  • Parlour Games:

    • Skittles, Darts, Hoopla

  • Gardening and Flower Arranging

  • Baking

  • Arts and Crafts:

    • Knitting, Sewing, Card Making, Pegging Rugs, Colouring and Painting.

  • Music:

    • ​Tea Dances, Singing, Dancing, Piano Playing, Play-Along-Percussion

  • Light Excercise and Gentle Movement Group Sessions

  • Reading Room:

    • Newspapers, Magazines, Library Books

  • Beauty Parlour:

    • Assisted Shower Facilities for Guests, Hand Massages, Hair Curling/Setting


All activities are led, facilitated and supported by our professional trained staff in small groups or one-to-one.

In addition to the above, focusing on supporting our guests with memory loss problems, the Butterfly Approach also supports and comforts guests by working with them to undertake day-to day style activities that evoke earlier memories and/or involve a multi-sensory experience for example:


Domestic items – dusters, polish, cleaning table mats etc. 

Comfort items – soft toys and dolls

Rummage items – boxes of handbags, trays of jewellery

Cognitive items – shopping catalogues, poems

Movement items – scarves for dancing, bubbles

Musical items – musical and percussion instruments

Normal life items – laundry to fold, vegetables to peel/prepare

Work life items – envelopes, jobs from the past

Fun items – puppets, feather boas, hats, dressing up


We also enjoy celebrating with our guests throughout the year and have special theme days  including:


Pancake day, Easter Egg painting, Summer Fete, Summer Picnic, VE Day, Harvest Festival, Halloween, Christmas Carols, Christmas Lunch and the annual Chrysalis Christmas Pantomime performance and talent show!

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